The 2024 GABA Arnold Independence Parade Photos & Video

Arnold, CA…It was another great GABA Arnold Independence Day Parade & Weekend. Bonnie Saville was the well deserving Grand Marshall. There were lots of floats and a great turnout especially with the heat.  Linda Baker did a wonderful job again this year putting it all together.  We are a bit late in posting this because the heat caused issues with our video camera. The files ended up being corrupted and after the panic that I might not have parade video I got to work trying to fix it. Ended up using a repair tool that got most of it back. Some frames are jumpy so it has me believing that the stabilization processing in the camera was the culprit. Time for a new camera…but enough whining and we have 135 photos of the parade. So if you were in or had a family member in the parade odds are we have a photo in our gallery. And yes we have most of the parade video. Sorry for the delay and enjoy.

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