Rebuilding the Feeney Park Dream

Murphys, CA…Twenty years ago, Feeney Park in Murphys began as a vision to serve the community, giving families a place to relax, enjoy sports and celebrate the arts. Dubbed “The Field of Dreams,” the park united the community. With hard work, donations and dedication, they created a green space that has grown into a multi-use park, with several playing fields, including the only regulation-size Junior division Little League field on the Highway 4 corridor, a skate park, a disk golf course, and a walking trail. Feeney Park is an irreplaceable treasure along the Upper Highway 4 corridor.

But the park has reached a point of serious financial and infrastructural need, and the continued operation of the park is not guaranteed.

To fill a serious gap in funding, the Foundation has embarked on a fundraising campaign called Rebuild the Dream to ensure the future of this well-loved community space.

Part of the park’s needs are simply due to age; the park still uses the original accessories and infrastructure. Recently a groundsman from Greenhorn Creek golf course assessed the park and identified critical flaws needing immediate attention. The park needs a new sprinkler timer and new sprinkler heads, a new PVC pipe infrastructure, and de-thatching equipment to remove the tangle of old grass that builds up on the fields and impedes moisture penetration. The fields need to be dragged, sanded, soiled, and reseeded.

In addition, last year’s storms flooded the Snack Shack which led to mold. They need to install gutters, remove and replace drywall inside, and repaint. Additionally, they need to replace two exterior doors to help keep the weather out and prevent vandalism.

“Feeney Park has been struggling financially for the last decade,” said Susan Lyneis, Treasurer of the Feeney Park Foundation. “We’ve been doing a lot with very little for far too long. The Park needs ongoing maintenance to continue to operate safely. We need to secure consistent and reliable funding to stay afloat and to continue to serve the community.”

The park is a testament to what a community can build. It receives no financial assistance from the county, state, or any other public agency. Wendi Bell, current Foundation president added “When the area desperately needed a place to play, the dream came true. Countless volunteers gave time, money and sweat to create Feeney Park. It is currently, however, lacking in endowment support. Hard decisions face Feeney Park in the near future and it’s up to all of us to step up.”

The Feeney Park website has been updated and offers many ways to securely donate directly to the Park. Lyneis hopes that people will use the monthly donation option to make budgeting easier. “That’s something we can count on,” she said. In-kind gifts and volunteers are greatly sought as well. You can explore ways to support Feeney Park at their website:

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  1. Anonymous   November 30, 2023 8:33 am - at 8:33 am

    Possibly getting the park from the EPVMD was not the best thing since they are funded by tax money to maintain halls and recreation facilities so would have had the funding to help with this maintenance. I wonder if there is any way to have them be in partnership with the Feeney Park Committee again?