Patty & Richard are Retiring, July 22nd will be Final Day for Bristol’s Ranch House Cafe

Arnold, CA…From Bristol’s FB Page…”Well, this is really hard….😢 but I know by now most of you have already seen the “for lease” sign outside of the restaurant. Richard and I have decided it’s time to retire, to spend more time with our grandchildren and my wonderful mom. There were a lot of signs that it’s time, one being the high insurance rates, another is the price and quality of the products we are receiving. When we opened 21 years ago I promised the community I would keep our prices as affordable as possible so that all of the young families could afford to eat out. I’ve tried to keep my promise all of these years!

I will miss all of our wonderful customers who have become family. You have all celebrated our children’s milestones with us, graduations, weddings and the births of our 4 grandchildren. Enjoyed our mom’s visits, and have been able to wish her happy birthday (100 in a few months!). Many of you even danced at our wedding!

We’ve seen so many pass on and cried with their families,but also rejoiced in the many births we’ve witnessed!
In my heart I’ve hoped someone would come in and want to take our place, it’s a wonderful community who would love to welcome the right people. Who knows?

Our last day will be July 22nd.

Ok I’ve gone on long enough! We thank you all for being our friends and family through all of these years. ❤️

Patty and Richard”

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  1. Anonymous   June 13, 2024 7:15 pm - at 7:15 pm

    Enjoy your well-earned new life and thanks for years of commitment to Arnold.
    s/Jim Connors